Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hello World

I heard somewhere that's how programmers learned back in the day before blogs, before HTML, even before C+. The very first thing a programmer's new life would say: Hello World.

Times were simpler then. Hell, it was only ten years ago, give or take. Still, it seems like life was a lot less complicated. Maybe just for me, but then, life has been getting steadily more complicated for me for many years now.

So here I have it, my very own space. Ha. I've said that how many times now? I've lost count. I remember the last time I used Blogger though. That was a long while ago, before LiveJournal, before I had a fanbase, before the world got so damned small you couldn't breath and express without causing drama and stepping on toes.

I want this Blog to take me back to my cyberspace roots. Back to when all I had were readers who would email, not massive journals where people commented and discussed and dissected everything I had to say. Back to when what I said was real, raw, uncensored by anything other than the laws of grammar and spelling.

As ever, wish me luck.